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Conspiracy Couple

Latest Episode

On this week's episode Ethan and Marisa are joined by Drew and Tanaya from the Opposite Sex Podcast! They discuss the mysterious disappearance of Michael Rockefeller, as well as a recent Loch Ness monster sighting. 

   The Show

Marisa is a conspiracy theory enthusiast and Ethan knows nothing about them. On the show the two of them discuss some of the craziest theories out there- from the perspective of a wannabe expert and a total novice, who also happen to be a married couple. 

From aliens to government cover-ups, we dive into everything! After presenting all of the evidence and some of the most popular and off the wall theories, the two of them come to a conclude and invite their listeners to come to their own as well! Feel free to send in suggestions to get your favorite theory discussed! 

Feel free to get in contact with Marisa or Ethan by sending an e-mail to and find them on Instagram @conspiracycouple. 



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Marisa Barke



Ethan Barke

Producer and Co-host

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